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Career Transition

Is Career Transition Coaching for you?

Carol's purpose is to help people create New Chapters in their careers by providing probing exploration, new perspectives and objective, accurate feedback.

When considering whether Career Transition Coaching is for you, please think about the following statements and rate yourself from:

1-10, with 10 the highest:Score
• I want to be doing this same work going forward.____
• This work highly satisfies me.____
• This work aligns with my core values.____
• I am excited about getting out of bed in the morning to do this work.____
• I still find meaning in this work.____
• This job uses all of my talents and skills to the fullest.____
• This work sustains my motivation to work at my best.____
• I don't believe there is work that would be more satisfying/challenging/delightful to me.____
TOTAL SCORE NOW:     _______

If you score is lower than you would like in any, many or all of the areas, Career Transition Coaching can help you achieve greater satisfaction in your career. Carol partners with you to create a unique, specific and targeted action plan to move from where you are to the place you want to be. Along the way you will be encouraged, challenged, held accountable and supported in your journey.

To learn more, take a look at Carol's approach to career transition coaching or get in touch with Carol today to set up a free initial consultation.


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