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Executive Coaching

Is Executive Coaching for you?

Carol's purpose is to enable executives to achieve and sustain their personal best, and to continue to reach for improvements. Major areas that will receive attention include: interpersonal with peers, boss, direct reports, intrapersonal—EQ (emotional intelligence), self management, time management, balance and skills for meeting business goals.

When considering whether Executive Coaching is right for you, please think about these statements and rate yourself from:

1-10, with 10 the highest:Score
• I consistently perform my role to the very best of my abilities____
• I have the right tools (capabilities) to do this job.____
• I use the tools (capabilities) I have to the fullest extent possible.____
• I continually learn new aspects of my role, seeking improvement and applying what I've learned.____
• I make others around me better in their roles.____
• I exceed expectations, both my own and those of other stakeholders.____
• I meet my business objectives.____
• My time management is aligned with my priorities.____
• I consistently reserve time for strategic thinking.____
• I am aware that I have blind spots and try to uncover them.____
• I work well with colleagues and direct reports.____
• I manage myself well in the face of stress, disagreements or conflict.____
TOTAL SCORE NOW:     _______

If you score is lower than you would like in any, many or all of the areas, executive coaching can help you achieve greater leadership success. To learn more, please look at Carol's approach to executive coaching and get in touch with Carol today to set up a free initial consultation.


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