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Carol suggests the following resources for people looking to achieve their personal best:

Social Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
Goleman has studied the science of how we relate to one another. Social Intelligence is the ability to read other people's cues, both verbal and non-verbal, and then act on them. Excellent and interesting read.

Working with Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
In this book, Goleman applies the ideas of Emotional Intelligence to the workplace. According to research he cites, nearly all of the characteristics that distinguished stars from average performers were emotional competencies. This book includes practical ideas for building Emotional Intelligence at work.

Why You Didn't Get That Promotion in Harvard Business Review, June 2009
This is an excellent article about what senior leaders in organizations are really looking for when they assess their people. With its clear and cogent explanations and lists of characteristics and behaviors, it can become part of a blueprint for executive development.

Leadership and Self-Deception from Arbinger Institute
This book is unique in its format and its message. Its thesis is that our leadership is dependent upon how we view others rather than a set of leadership behaviors. It's a very readable book written in story format. A valuable book for any leader willing to look "inside-out" at his or her leadership style.

Anatomy of Peace from Arbinger Institute
One of the most meaningful books I've read, it is based on the philosophy of Martin Buber, who said that people either dealt with each other as I-YOU or as I-IT. From Buber's teaching, we learn how peace in our hearts results from the I-YOU orientations. When we turn our hearts to war, we've turned our perspective of others into I-IT. The book is in story form and very readable. It could alter your thinking!

Life Launch by Frederic M. Hudson
A valuable read for anyone attempting to navigate a transition to the life they've previously only dreamed of. Dr. Hudson believes that we design and build our lives ourselves, from within, and the book explains and encourages this process.


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